Meet the Robin Hood of Clothing Brands – The Good Thief
February 2, 2019
In a world dominated by social media, we find ourselves consumed with the same old content being cycled and then recycled, over and over again. The idea of originality and individuality have become a thing of the distant past, as many have become comfortable rocking the same fashion, singing the same old songs and overusing the same old catch phrases. For Jameel Khan, the idea of being like everyone else wasn’t on his mind.
Inspired by his love for graphic tees and Pablo Picasso’s quote “bad artists copy, good artists steal”, he started a clothing brand called The Good Thief in early 2018. “I always knew I wanted to create a clothing brand” he said, “The name was the last piece of the puzzle for me.”
The values of the brand stem from a place of inspiration and encouragement; motivating others to build upon past and present ideas, and making them innovative and groundbreaking. Jameel’s notion of being a “good thief” is a unique concept; drawing that it’s okay to use the ideas of others as a point of reference or inspiration. He notes, “In short, plagiarism defines “bad theft” while the “good theft” is defined by studying those who inspire you, and crediting them when you transform that inspiration into something of your own.”
While his main focus is set on giving others the inspiration necessary to achieve their dreams, Jameel also has his sights set on growing his brand in new and inventive ways through cut and sew garments and athletic wear.
To shop “The Good Thief” or get in contact with them, visit them at:
Instagram: @_thegoodthief